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  • MTR receives approval for Tung Chung Line Extension

     · Credit LN9267. Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has secured approval from the government to carry out detailed planning and design of the Tung Chung Line Extension project. The public transport operator has already initiated procurement of the preliminary design. Overall, the Tung Chung Line Extension project involves stretching the line

  • Product Mix Modifications Management Study HQ

    Line Extension. When a company adds a similar item to an existing product line with the same brand name, it is called line extension. A company resorts to line extension to appeal to more market segments by offering a wide range of options of flavors, color, size, etc. for a particular product.

  • C5-52 Building Your Brand with Brand Line Extensions

     · new product, while the second fi le examined fl anker branding strategies. This series continues with discus-sion of brand line extensions. What is a brand line extension? A company introduces a brand line extension by using an established product’s brand name to launch a new, slightly different item in the same product category.

  • Success factors of line extensions of fast‐moving consumer

     · In this study three market‐related factors’ impact on line extension success were investigated, i.e. the level of competition in the market place retailer power and consumers’ variety seeking behavior. Data collected from 49 marketing and product managers in the fast‐moving consumer goods industry showed that line extensions have very

  • Vertical Product Line Extension Strategies An Evaluation

     · This research shows that central brand associations are transferred to the vertical product line extension regardless of range level — low, middle or high-end range — and that such transference systematically reinforces linkages between such associations and the product line extensions. In contrast, the transfer of peripheral associations


     · G 5mg G’ 10mg G’ is an extension of G and a product referring to A MAH Y Extension MAH Y as a reference product (different strength). Generic An appropriate dossier has to be provided. -An application according to Art. 10b of Dir. 2001/83/EC (new fixed combination) When the extension is a change to a product which was granted a marketing

  • c true innovation d jump in innovation product line

    c) true innovation d) jump in innovation product line extension The stage of the new-product process that develops a pool of concepts as candidates for new-products is referred to as _____. a) product launch b) concept testing c) product development d) idea generation idea generation The first full-scale operating model of the product under development is referred to as a a) sample b) alpha

  • In Latest Medicaid Rule, CMS Aims to Define Line

     · Defining Line Extension as a “New Formulation”. Consistent with the statutory language, CMS is proposing to adopt a definition of “line extension” at 42 C.F.R. § 447.502 to mean “for a drug, a new formulation of the drug, but does not include an abuse-deterrent formulation of the drug (as determined by the Secretary).”.

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  • Benefits of a product line extensionTHE Marketing Study

    A product line extension is any new product brought to market that is in the same product category that the firm already produces and markets. And a product category is related set of productssuch as, dairy products, computer products, furniture, motor vehicles, and so on.

  • Optimal Entry Timing for a Product Line Extension

     · The line extension contributes a lower unit margin and partially cannibalizes sales of the original product, but also broadens the market, causing sales to develop more rapidly. The timing of the introduction of the line extension affects the subsequent sales pattern for both products and the total profit to be made within the planning period.

  • The Logic of Product-Line ExtensionsHarvard Business

    The strategic role of each product, for example, becomes muddled when a line is oversegmented. Furthermore, a company that extends its line risks undermining brand loyalty. Line extensions rarely

  • Four brand strategiesTHE Marketing Study Guide

    Product line extension. A product line extension is introducing a new productthat is similar to what the company already offers (that is, within an existing product line/category) that is targeting an existing market by using the current brand name. This is a very common approach in marketing.

  • Brand Extension Definition, Types, & Examples Feedough

     · A line extension is the extension of the product line, while the brand extension is the extension of the width of the product mix. In simple wordsLine extension involves an extension of the existing product category. For example, Coca-Cola releasing its ‘Diet Coke’ variant was a line extension where the product didn’t release in a

  • Brand Extension The Benefits and PitfallsS-GE

     · BRAND EXTENSION AND LINE EXTENSION Brand extension is a part of brand management to diversify and leveraging the existing brand by entering into new product category by new product development. Positive images and strengths of existing brand / parent brand are leveraged to bring another success story for new product.

  • Product Line Extension Strategy Your Business

    Product Line Extension Strategy. A product line extension strategy is an approach to developing new products for your existing customers or for prospects who do not currently buy from you. Extending a product line involves adding new features to existing products, rather than developing completely new products. This

  • Pros and Cons of Expanding Your Product Line

     · The company's toiletries line includes Gillette Foamy, Dry Idea and Right Guard, while its writing instruments line consists of Paper Mate and Flair. This gives Gillette a wide product mix.

  • Question 10 1 pts Match the product examples with

    Transcribed image text Question 10 1 pts Match the product examples with whether they are a line extension (increase product line depth) or a brand extension (increase product line breadth). Crayola Modeling Clay [Choose] Brand extension Line extension Cool Ranch Doritos Choose Coke Plus (Coke with vitamins and minerals) [Choose] Sunmaid Raisin Bagels Choose Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream

  • The 3 types of Product line stretching and why companies

     · The product line length within a company keeps changing. Generally, there are three price bands which exists in any marketLower priced products, middle priced products and premium products.One brand concentrates on one price brand.. But the larger brands have the deep pockets to start multiple product lines which can target multiple customer segments, premium or otherwise.

  • 11 Brand Extension Examples for 2020 Dyson to FenderBMB

     · Not a pivot or a line extension. A full brand pivot, or extending an existing product line with a new product are NOT brand extensions. Note that a brand extension is not a pivot. A brand pivot is when a company, typically a startup, completely gives up making a type of product

  • "Vertical Versus Horizontal Line Extension Strategies

     · The results from prior research regarding the effectiveness of product line extension strategies on market-level brand performance are equivocal. Some studies show that brands benefit from horizontal line extensions while other studies show vertical line extensions as being a preferable approach to brand leveraging within a product category.

  • Type II Variations vs Extension applications Regulatory

    Type II Variations vs Extension applications Regulatory and procedural guidance Guideline on the categorisation of Extension Applications (EA) versus Variations Applications (V) Commission Regulation (EC) No 1234/2008 of 24 November 2008 concerning the examination of variations to the terms of marketing authorisations for medicinal products for human use and veterinary medicinal products

  • Line Extension Vs. Brand Extension Your Business

    A line extension is a product that incorporates a slight twist on an established brand. It utilizes the older brand’s name and imagery, and is usually in the same general product category. More than 50 percent of all new product launches each year are for line extensions that simply have a new flavor, size or nutritional content, according to

  • Product-line extensions and pricing strategies of brand

    Product-line extension was defined as the appearance of another product that a company introduces within the same market after its existing product. Drug prices were average wholesale prices from the Drug Topics Red Book. The relationship between product-line extension and market success was examined using a logistic regression analysis.


     · A line is defined by an originator product and at least one line extension. The MAH of the line extension application is the same as the MAH of the originator product. Those changes listed in Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 1084/2003which are considered as line

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  • 9 Line Extension Examples for 2020 from Coke to Honda

    Colgate with Hemp Seed Oil. Colgate-Palmolive extended their line of toothpastes with one that

  • Product Line Extension ChallengeGreat Ideas for

    Product Line Extension Challenge In 2005, Coca-Cola introduced Coke Zero, a zero calorie version of their flagship product. This product did extraordinary well,


     · When the line extension is a change to a product which was granted a marketing authorisation, referring to a complete dossier (e.g. new strength, pharmaceutical form). Example 1 5mg

  • Product Line (Definition, Examples) How does it Work?

     · Product Line Extension. The term “product line extension” refers to the situation where a company introduces a new product that somewhat different than the company’s existing range of products. The idea behind this strategy is to expand the number of options available to a

  • Product Line Extension Definition, Strategies & Example

     · A product line extension is when a company creates a new product in the same product line of an existing brand. The strategy for an extension could be a different color or size, and it may have